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 Post subject: [game] MIGHTY FINAL FIGHT
PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:41 pm 
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Ever wondered what would happen if Final Fight got ported to the NES? THIS IS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. 6 LEVELS OF PURE STREET FIGHTAN AWESOMENESS. So yeah apparently Capcom decided to release a Final Fight game for the NES in 1993, perhaps one last shot of supporting their once beloved console. The result was not only an astonishingly well-polished, but also quite entertaining title. Much like the title indicates, Mighty Final Fight is an iteration of the Final Fight saga. Well, to be fair it's more of a parody. All characters are rendered in chibi style, so they would look better on the reduced NES palette. The story is also a simplification of the original game's plot. Belger kidnaps Jessica because he fell in love with her rather using her as an attempt to control recently elected mayor Mike Motherfucking Haggar.

Plot starts as usual

Combat also suffered a few alterations which made this game a surprisingly fresh experience in the beat 'em up world. In Mighty Final Fight, not only you're able to pick all 3 characters (something that the SNES port of the original Arcade game didn't have), as you're also able to level them up and unleash several character-specific special tricks and combos.

Hadoukens on my Final Fight? It's more likely than you think

As always every character plays somewhat differently. Haggar can beat the crap out of any enemy with only a few punches or by unleashing a massive air-jump piledrive, but he moves quite slowly. Guy, on the other hand, is lightning quick, but can't take more than a few hits. Cody is the middle ground between these two extremes, an he's also able to deliver very effective long range attacks.

The Mayor prepares to take out the trash

In conclusion, Mighty Final Fight is a very entertaining game, if not fairly easy, that can be enjoyed without much effort. It's also relatively short, and it's likely that even a first-time player will be able to finish it on his first run. Controls are very intuitive and easy to learn, and the game rarely plays any unfair tricks on you. I feel this would give a short, yet fun, stream.

Here's the VNES ready-to-play link for those lazy enough to download Nestopia.

And here's the move/combo list, if you don't feel like finding them out by yourself.


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 Post subject: Re: [game] MIGHTY FINAL FIGHT
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:36 am 
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I think I streamed this as filler before. Would be nice to see again.

DarkZoma is watching...

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